About us


Joan Sabaté,

Christoph Peters,

Sergi Cantos,
Telecommunications Engineer

Montserrat Duatis,
Industrial Engineer

Neus Ayza


LIMA is a non-profit association composed of professionals from different parts of the building sector that are working to ensure a paradigm shift in the construction sector that could generate a standard for very low environmental impact construction, capable of becoming a real alternative for building homes, schools and other facilities of similar size, both new built and refurbishment, as well as in the use phase of the building.

The specific objectives of the Association are:

To bring together and coordinate the various initiatives of applied research in the field of sustainability in buildings and urban areas of the Mediterranean.

Build, test and implement the tools necessary to evaluate the results of sustainability in construction, renovation and the use of buildings and urban areas of the Mediterranean.

Spread results obtained in the different experiences of construction, refurbishment and use of low impact buildings at the Mediterranean and international scale.

Promote the development and application of new technology and building solutions for low-impact construction, refurbishment and the use of buildings.


To achieve these aims, the Association currently is involved in the following activities:

Simulation and monitoring of buildings and publishing results.

Collaboration in European projects, mainly in the area of ​​the Mediterranean region.

Support to the public administration in project management.

Other activities that are planned:

Transnational projects of research and application.

Studies to evaluate the sustainability of buildings and urban areas.

Technical seminars to exchange experiences related to the subject.

Management of sustainability certificates for buildings.