Energy efficiency and seismic strengthening in buildings renovation



The ProGETonE project (2017-2022) has developed and demonstrated an integrated approach to address two important needs in existing buildings: reducing energy consumption to align with EU climate change reduction targets, and increasing seismic safety against possible future earthquakes.

The project proposes a solution based on the GET system, a prefabricated modular system that allows the reduction of renovation costs and increases the available living area of the building.

To define this system and move towards the project’s objectives, 4 case studies were included, and a pilot building was renovated following the proposed approach and technologies in Athens (Greece). The residents of this pilot building were involved from the beginning of the design and implementation process, to include their needs and motivations, and increase the satisfaction of end-users after the renovation.

ProGETonE was funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The consortium included a mix of universities, technical consultants, manufacturers, public authorities and associations from eight different countries.