Climate Positive

LIMA promotes a paradigm shift in the conception of architecture and the city, based on a new form of designing buildings based on environmental principles and increasing the quality of life. Comfortable, viable buildings technologically and economically, which drastically reduce the environmental impact of the Mediterranean area, improving at the same time its habitability and its adaptability to future changes.

We offer consultancy, architecture and engineering services marked by five main philosophical axes:

  • Positive energy impact: minimal energy consumption, and renewable generation
  • Low impact on material resources, with the use of renewable materials and a reduced carbon footprint, considering the whole life cycle of the building
  • High level of comfort and well-being for the inhabitants
  • Minimal generation of waste and water consumption during the construction process

The main materials we use for the construction of buildings already have a reduced environmental footprint. These are laminated wood, plant-based insulation, green roofs and mineral, lime or oil coatings. We try to minimize the use of elements with high embodied energy, such as concrete and synthetic insulation (EPS, XPS), as well as elements that have high emissions of organic compounds. We are currently constructing buildings with this type of standard for individual and collective housing.

In addition, we provide future users with empowerment regarding the design, management and construction of their homes, opting for a cooperative and co-management model, in homes with zero consumption. In this way we complete the initial concept of environmental sustainability, with the ideas of social and economic sustainability.

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